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Freehub Issue 11.3

Freehub Issue 11.3

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The concept of adventure is relative to each individual, and when planning to venture outside one's comfort zone, a little creativity can go a long way—especially in the midst of a global health pandemic. In our fall issue, we celebrate creativity in adventure, from a group of Dutch adaptive snowboard athletes using modified e-bikes to challenge themselves in the French Alps to a hardy bunch of Montana riders trying to milk every last moment of autumnal singletrack goodness. Sometimes adventure has to be searched for, even if it leads to volcanic islands in the middle of the Atlantic. But most adventures are best shared with close friends, often leading to two-wheeled rituals that are performed year after year.

Who We Are | Powerful Moments
Masthead | Who Did It?
The Wrath of Zeus | Underprepared and Overexcited at the 1995 NORBA Nationals
Hungry Eyes | A Singletrack Feast in the Idaho Panhandle
Contributors | Amazing People Behind this Issue
Back to the Roots | A Change of Pace with Iago Garay
A Steady Drift | Navigating Japan's Winds of Change

Treasures of Atlantis | Exploring the Volcanic Riches of the Azores Archipelago
Crossing Over | A Chamonix Adaptive Adventure
Gridiron Goals | Northwest Montana's Postseason Blitz
The Sweet Life | Savoring Friendship and Fun in Italy's Aosta Valley
Fully Grounded | Keeping Calm Amid the Chaos

Photo: Mattias Fredriksson
Riders: Holger Meyer and Karen Eller
Art: Dan McCarthy


Paper made from recycled material (FSC® C013252)

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