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Freehub Issue 12.3

Freehub Issue 12.3

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With this year’s riding season in full swing, Freehub pays tribute to a return to trails and travel with our 12.3 edition—a stoke-filled book honoring progression in many forms. Every step forward contributes to the advancement of the mountain bike community, and this issue examines successes big and small. In the rugged state of Nevada, impassioned individuals are working selflessly to revitalize former mining communities through outdoor recreation and trailbuilding, with lifelong ranchers and freeride luminaries such as Cam Zink (featured on our cover) sharing the same objectives. In Harrisonburg, Virginia and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, hardcore riding communities are infusing a new generation of riders with a heartfelt appreciation for the value of old-school, technical singletrack. And on the hallowed slopes of Vancouver’s North Shore, original freeride pioneers still mingle with their ultra-talented progeny, proving that progression is a constant—and that it begins with each of us. Welcome to Issue 12.3.

Who We Are | Progression Begins with You
Masthead | Who Did It?
Contributors | Amazing People Behind This Issue
The Stakes are High | Time for Air-Traffic Control
Exit Stage Left | How a Neil Pearl Drumstick Save a Bunnyhop Contest
Falling Together | A Story Beyond Getting Back Up

Big Mountain Origins | Embracing Introspection Atop Montana's Island Range
Within Range | Nevada's Bright Prospects fo Mountain Biking Gold
Out of the Furnace | Pittsburgh's Frick Park Blossoms into a Singletrack Destination
Celebrate the New Dark Age | Mist and Mystery on Vancouver's North Shore
Nomads and Misfits | The Journey of Greg Mazu and Singletrack Trails, Inc.
Tough Love | Harrisonburg's Longstanding Culture of Sweat Equity and Burly Terrain

Photo: JP Preston
Riders: Cam, Ayla and Asher Zink
Illustration: Justin Santora


Paper made from recycled material (FSC® C013252)

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