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Freehub Issue 14.3

Freehub Issue 14.3

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The Progression Issue

We’re living at a time when the pace of change is unprecedented in human history, and this is certainly the case within the rapidly expanding world of mountain biking. Our new Issue 14.3—themed around the concept of “progression”—reflects key changes to our sport as well as inherent obstacles to its continued evolution. Our cover feature chronicles the meteoric rise of the women’s freeride movement through the all-female Formation event, while also highlighting fundamental challenges to its future development. We take an in-depth look at the pressing problem of affordable housing shortages in mountain bike towns across the United States, outlining the creative ways that communities are addressing a dilemma that affects so many of us. And with stories covering the extraordinary ascent of New Zealand freerider Robin Goomes, the far-reaching impact of master trailbuilder Valerie Naylor, and the paradigm-rattling vision of photographer JB Liautard, there is abundant inspiration for breakthroughs big and small. Issue 14.3 is your antidote to angsty mediocrity.

Who We Are | Change is Constant
Masthead | Who Did It?
Contributors | Amazing People Behind This Issue
We All Start Somewhere | A Mountain Bike Journey Begins by a Dumpster
Master of Machine | Valerie Naylor's Trails Ride Like They Were Meant to Be There
Lawyer's Lips | When Dollars Just Aren't Worth Your Dignity
Please Don't Bluff | Nature Will Always Have Her Way
End of the Roll | The End of the Rainbow

The Big League | Breaking Barriers for Women's Freeriders to Compete on the World's Biggest Stage
Organized Anarchy | The Grassroots Trail Revival of a Once-Gritty Mining Town
Clarity in Complexity | JB Liautard's Intricate Approach to Photography
No Place Like Home | Affordable Housing Problems Grow Amid the American Mountain Biking Boom
Taking Flight | Robin Goomes' Ascent from Weekend Warrior to Freeride Phenom


Paper made from recycled material (FSC® C013252)

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