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Freehub Issue 14.4

Freehub Issue 14.4

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The Adventure Issue

We at Freehub believe the bike is the ultimate tool for adventure, whether it’s the medium for exploring some far-flung corner of the planet or simply for discovering what’s beyond that next turn on the trail. Every year, we celebrate the wonderful utility of two wheels with an entire issue dedicated to adventures of all shapes and sizes, as viewed through the lenses of the world’s most inspired writers and photographers. In our cover feature, we take an in-depth look at the life of Canadian soul rider Matt Hunter, who over the past 20 years has become the very embodiment of everyday adventure—and, in the process, has come to represent key intangibles of what it means to be a mountain biker. And we showcase the sheer beauty of trails—from the Austrian and Swiss Alps to Tasmania and the Bolivian highlands—while also examining how personal bonds are strengthened through overcoming the hardships inherent to these rugged places. Welcome to your next adventure: Issue 14.4.

Who We Are | Issue 14.4
Time Continuum | A Norwegian Enters Freeride Folklore
The Scree Teachings | Demolishing the Ego and Finding Connection in Bolivia

Dynamic Repose | Documenting the Spirit of Friendship in the Face of Adversity
Special Substrate | The Ancient Orogenesis Beneath New England Mountain Biking
Below Down Under | Mountain Biking Takes Hold in Tasmania
The Living Present | Matt Hunter's Modest Gift to Mountain Biking
A Network of Necessity | Discovering Centuries-old Trails in a Swiss Canton


Paper made from recycled material (FSC® C013252)

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