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Freehub Issue 9.2

Freehub Issue 9.2

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Summer 2018 // The Progression Issue

As a sport, mountain biking has a relatively short history. But even in its few decades of existence, there have been a number of people, places and moments that embody its growth and progress. From racers like Miranda Miller, being unequivocally genuine on and off the track, to builders like Aaron Rogers, redefining building—and thus riding—in the Midwest, it's apparent our sport is in good hands. Places like Teton Pass, WY, and Aptos, CA have had an equally great contribution, providing a place for like-minded individuals to gather and create—and, most importantly, ride their bikes. Issue 9.2 is just one small reminder that we're all capable of helping our sport continue to thrive.

Who We Are | No Wrong Answer
Masthead | Who Did It?
Finding the Small Way | The Key to True Experience
Contributors | Amazing People Behind this Issue
The Lorax | Fanie Kok and a Voice for Trail Builders
A New Epoch in Wheeling | Broken Frames and 2,000 Miles with the 25th Infantry Bicycle Corps

Evolution by Explosion | A Gallery of Progression
Defining Grade A | Beyond the Best with Aaron Rogers
Half-Acre of Glory | An Ode to the Aptos Post Office Jumps
A Little Bit Strange | Miranda Miller, the Unassuming Badass
Something to Lose | Teton Pass, Wyoming's Army of Ambassadors

Photo: Sven Martin
Rider: Miranda Miller
Artwork: Justin Santora


Paper made from recycled material (FSC® C013252)

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